Born and raised in East Los Angeles, it was apparent from an early age that Ray Vargas was perfectly content with cutting his own path rather than blending in with the crowd.  Inspired by the beloved comic books, movies, and cartoons of his childhood, he spent countless hours filling numerous sketchbooks with drawings of heroes, creatures, and other fantastic creations.  A career in the arts was inevitable, and while friends and classmates prepared for the transition from high school to life on large university campuses, Ray set his sights on art school.

In 2002 he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Laguna College of Art and Design, and it was there that his artistic vision was forever changed. Greatly influenced by classic American Illustrators such as N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell, and fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta, Ray focused his love of story and tireless work ethic to forge a successful career as a young illustrator, applying his skills to a wide range of assignments including conceptual illustration, storyboarding, comic books, and children’s book illustration.  Since then he has steadily continued to build an impressive body of work in a diverse range of projects, while successfully expanding his endeavors to include gallery exhibitions, art shows, and festivals.

Gaining inspiration from all around, Ray revels in the challenge of creating imagery that communicates his passion for color and form.  He currently resides in his hometown of Boyle Heights, where he continues to hone his skills as a painter and storyteller.

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