” Salud Arte Familia y Educacion, ( Project SAFE) “

TELA SOFA Provides a 6 month engagement through acting, Art and film once the curriculum is complete. Current sites are Bienvendos, Knightengale Middle School and Roosevelt High School, Boyle Heights.

Storytelling for Empowerment Substance Abuse and
HIV Prevention curriculum for youth and parents.

Storytelling for Empowerment for Youth is a bilingual (English and Spanish) intervention for youth ages at risk for substance abuse, HIV, and other problem behaviors due to living in impoverished communities with high availability of drugs. The program primarily targets Latino/Latina youth and uses cognitive decision making, positive cultural identity (cultural empowerment), and resiliency models of prevention as its conceptual underpinnings. Storytelling for Empowerment aims to decrease alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use by identifying and reducing factors in the individual, family,school, peer group, neighborhood/community, and society/media that place youth at high risk for ATOD use, while enhancing factors that may strengthen youth resiliency and protect against ATOD use. The stories use different modes of learning and are ethnically and culturally sensitive. Positive role models either in the form of heroes and heroines or in the person of the storyteller are created with the stories. Storytelling for Empowerment focuses on characters that face adversity as our youth do today. Stories showcase some of the worst scenarios we can imagine such as abusive parents, abandonment, peer pressure, messages of inadequacy and ignorance, poverty, and societal oppression. Storytelling for empowerment can strengthen the protective factors from parent to child by passing the wisdom from person to person. This wisdom includes heroes and heroines, great feats, the spirit of perseverance, the character traits of discipline, courage, laughing at failures, accepting help when it is offered and never giving up hope. The stories will portray human fears and adversities in vivid terms. They do not deny, avoid or flinch from the test of life. The stories will give youth the strategies for resisting self-destructive behaviors through the adherence to traditional values. This will help the youth withstand the pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol. The parents will strengthen their youth with wisdom that has been passed down from person to person. The stories will pass on values and character traits that a culture holds dear.

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