Javier wrote his first feature script in 2006 when he explored the world of Graffiti in “Escaping Bushwick”; a story inspired by the tales and misadventures of New York City’s most notorious graffiti crews of the 1980’s.

“Escaping Bushwick” went on to place at several screenplay contests, including BET’s Urbanworld Film Festival in 2012. It was optioned by Voyage Media where he worked with Producer Gina Resnick (Reservation Road & The Girl In the Book) and Director Alfredo De Villa (Nothing Like The Holidays) in its development.

More recently Javier served as Writer & Producer in collaboration with Director Juan Escobedo on a short film titled “Marisol” (2016). A film that delves into the real life story of a child who endures the trauma of domestic violence. The short film is currently making its rounds in the film festival circuit.

In 2017 Javier hit the road again with Director Juan Escobedo, to film a documentary titled “The Truth About The Truth”; a look into the Watchtower Organization (aka “Jehovah’s Witnesses) and their harmful policies on Shunning, Blood Transfusion Prohibition and mishandling of Child Sexual Abuse cases. They have already filmed in Tucson, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and will travel to New York, Quebec, Sydney, South Africa, Mexico and Spain later this year.

Whether it’s a fictional narrative or a documentary, Javier often taps into his multi-cultural background to explore the social themes that are a focal point in his work. He believes every film should have a message that entertains but also resonates in the minds of its viewers; To spark ideas, change and connect people of different backgrounds and experiences.